Regular Kap™ fits most beer and soda bottles!

Large Kap™ does not, but is actually a large Kontainer™ that can fit a lot more stuff!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat-resistant
  • FDA-approved silicone

*Regular Kaps are direct replacements (mix&match) for our Kirby™, Kali™ , Kermit™ , Kolt™ , Stem , Kazili, Karma, and Kontainer Kaps™!


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Maduro™, Oscuro™, Racecar Red™, Octane Orange™, Giallo Yellow™, Ghini Green™, Breakout Blue™, Pitstop Pink™, Burnout Black™, Barna Burgundy™, Hazard Flag Yellow™, Electric Green™, Bred Red™, DMP Black™, Fins Orange™, Glow Green™, Indy Glow™, Kamo™, Kandy Kane™, Klassic Black™, Klassic Blue™, Klassic Green™, Klassic Orange™, Klassic Red™, Klassic Violet™, Klassic Yellow™, Kotton Kandy™, Kwest Swirl™, Laney Yellow™, Mamba Violet™, Miss Pinky™, Rasta Swirl™, SVSM Green™, Tie Dye Swirl™, University Blue™


Regular, Large