Grab 100 Kazili’s and we’ll waive the artwork costs*!

*We will create a mockup of the Kustomized Kazili for your approval, then prepare an invoice once approved.

**We CANNOT Kustomize any other pipes or products.

***We CANNOT Kustomize in amounts smaller than 100 units.

****We CAN provide Kustomized Kazilis at the normal wholesale pricing, in 100 Kazilis or more without incurring any additional art-related setup fees or costs.

Get us your order, supply us with camera-ready* art, and we’ll put together some perfectly personalized pipes for that special event.

“Camera-Ready” means:

  • high-resolution vector artwork,
  • supplied as clean, crisp, Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or vector-ready (.EPS) artwork files.
  • If we need to clean-up the file, generate a digital design, or something else, we’ll need to spend our time and your money doing so.
  • Email us during your preparations so we can assist ([email protected]).